One of the wonders of the online world that we now live in is the availability of, and possibility to order, almost any conceivable item we want or need at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse. Elsewhere on this site we look into online food delivery and how there is now the most incredible range of options available to us when we want to order takeaway, online food shopping or home meal kits. However, online food and drink suppliers are not the only ones to offer home delivery.
There is a new breed of online delivery merchants who are taking the Deliveroo or Tesco Direct model a step further by combining the two, essentially offering a service where you are able to order almost anything you can imagine to your door. You may have heard of sites such as Jinn, Postmates or Etefy already. Here you have the choice from ordering takeaway online, doing your weekly shop online, right down to ordering the random little item that you forgot to buy and now don’t have time to go out and get – these guys bring it straight to you. We find that Etefy is mostly food-related, and sells itself as something of an online alternative to supermarkets. They also sell alcohol online as well as meal recipe boxes (similar to Hello Fresh et al mentioned elsewhere), so the service is pretty extensive.
Postmates and Jinn take things a step further – remember that time you were on a night out but had your favourite shoes splashed with mud on the way there? Fire up your Jinn promo code and you can get a brand new pair delivered in less than an hour. What a world! As well as these examples, we’ve seen places like Henchman offer a similar service but with a touch of added exclusivity – it’s an invite-only service, so keep an eye on this site for Henchman invites and promo codes. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in you may also be interested in Quipup – a more business-centred service (think quick dry cleaning or stationery as well as the usual food and drink delivery).
Then of course, on a slightly different topic, for the romantics out there, there’s always online flower delivery. There are hundreds of options for ordering flowers online, with same day flower delivery particularly popular for those that left their Valentine’s Day planning a little late! Sites like Interflora, Seranata and more will all cater for flower delivery, and most offer free delivery and promo codes on a regular basis. Whatever it is you’re looking for online, the home delivery craze is here to stay!