Meal Kits

Sure, after a long hard day at work there’s no doubt that ordering a takeaway for home delivery is probably the quickest and easiest way to sate your appetite and enjoy a bit of a treat for yourself. But you might also have noticed that over the last few years there’s been another big food trend, also focused on home delivery, but with a twist. A little more effort is required, but if you’re a fan of dinner to go but still see yourself as a bit of a whiz in the kitchen then this might be just for you.
Recipe kits, home cooking subscriptions, easy meals… call them what you like, but they’re big business right now and they’re getting even bigger. For people that love cooking but either don’t have the time or the imagination to source great recipes or hard-to-find ingredients, places like Hello Fresh, Gousto and Simply Cook have offerings that take the hassle out of shopping and planning but still require you to dust off your apron and get to work. To put it another way, these places take the boring parts out of the cooking process and let you prepare dazzling meals without too much hassle. Shopping, finding recipes and even the chopping and weighing and dicing of ingredients are all done for you; just follow a simple recipe card and hey presto – dinner is served!
As well as getting healthy meals delivered to your door at the click of a button, online recipe kits like these have other advantages too. If you care about reducing food waste, most of the home cooking subscription services are doing their best to eliminate food waste, by only including exactly the right amount of each of the ingredients sent to prepare their meals. Organic food delivery is also a great way to get over the hurdle of struggling to think of new meal ideas, as the services typically rotate recipes quite often, so not only will you eat fresh, reduce food waste and save time, you’ll also have your culinary palette enhanced with some great new meal ideas.
Easy meals are also available from plenty of other outlets, too. Places like Abel & Cole or Riverford place the emphasis on organic food delivery and quality ingredients. It’s also sometimes surprising at the value on offer at some of these sites, as they often offer voucher codes and food discounts to new customers. Have you taken advantage of one of these deals not? If not, what are you waiting for?!